Thursday, 31 October 2013

Become A Muscle Builder - Sufficiently high intake of protein is essential for muscle building

So proper planning family food budget - is something with which you have to constantly deal with. Reduce the cost of quality food can only nutritional supplements for athletes. At all costs try not to skip meals. Any feelings of hunger triggers catabolism in the body, and that means eating your own muscle and compensatory increase body fat. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Nature is difficult to deceive, but to prevent such a situation is possible and to eliminate the possibility of such a risk, try to always have with you, or protein bars or shaker with protein powder, which is easy to pour water in almost any location.

Eat a varied diet, but so as to maintain a sufficiently high intake of protein, moderate - carbohydrates and low - intake of saturated fats to vary the types of meat, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, without exceeding the permissible their fat content. get more details

Eat often, but slowly - at least 5-6 times a day. Due to this, you are depriving your body a chance to store for future use (remember that these stocks can only be fat, and protein and carbohydrates in the body is not stocking up for the future, as opposed to fat). Drink plenty of water - hydration plays an important role in all metabolic processes, especially during intensive physical activity, coupled with training. I generally recommend an additional 1 liter per 100 g of protein in your daily diet.

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