Thursday, 31 October 2013

Introduction to Kyle Leon - The muscle fibers as a result of the training

Those who are engaged in power sport, I would suggest first of all building their strength and teaching the muscles included in the job quickly and at full power. Do the exercises on the major muscle groups and use the technique that encourages high-speed quality and strength. Introduction to Kyle Leon

How are the muscle fibers as a result of the training - Proteins, or proteins in the body are constantly born and constantly break down into building blocks - amino acids. Muscle breakdown process seems desirable; however, it is necessary to control the quality of the fibers. Damaged proteins are removed, allowing the muscles to work more efficiently. Furthermore, amino acids after cleavage of the released protein are used as fuel and help maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Muscular tension and stretching send signals to the genes controlling the growth of muscle cells. These signals are sent to the selective and well-defined muscles - in those experiencing stress. Scientists believe that stress receptors in the muscle cells convert mechanical forces into chemical signals that cause the genes and give the command to the production of new proteins. Genes are located in the nucleus - the "brain" of the cell. Most cells have a nucleus in the muscle as a lot of them, which simplifies the task of growth. click the following page

Protein synthesis - When the requirements imposed on the muscles increases, the body activates the production of new proteins.

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