Thursday, 31 October 2013

Who is Kyle Leon? - The need for increasing muscle size

Scientists believe that the need for increasing muscle size comes into the genes of chemical signaling system, which may include phospholipase, protein kinase C and tyrosine kinase. Who is Kyle Leon?

Like any signals in the body, these also generate opposition: if muscle growth is stimulated at the same time is accelerated and the collapse of the fibers. Substance called scientists Transforming Growth Factor (TGF), muscle tension turns into a chemical signal to accelerate muscle growth. However, another factor myostatin, inhibits the growth of muscle cells, contributing to their collapse - muscular atrophy.

Some manufacturers have already put on the market a range of products that supposedly inhibit myostatin. But this substance in the body and performs many other functions, including control over the growth and muscle relief. Any testing on humans, these products did not pass, and we do not even know whether they inhibit myostatin. But even if true to the manufacturer, it is unknown what will give more athletes such blockade: benefit or harm. Therefore wise to wait for the test results of this dietary supplement, and only then decide if you need it. visit this link

The nuclei of muscle cells act as focal points in the production of proteins. Hence, the genes are sending a special cell structures, ribosomes, precise instructions, in what order should I build a chain of amino acids to get one or the other protein.

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