Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kyle Leon Review - Pasteurization reduces the possibility of using amino acids

As said by Kyle Leon: "For me, it just kind of came naturally; I always tended rather to the Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine than to ours. I can say that I feel fuller and energy change is also reflected on health. I was not ever remembering colds!" Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Catherine but also emphasizes that the transition to raw food is good important information: "I have downloaded a lot of books, so it is more or less navigate, so what, and what not. Otherwise, it's quite a drastic change for someone who has learned a lifetime of cooking to be much stricter control the flow of necessary nutrients. Needless to neglect nothing, sometimes blood count reveals what the body is lacking."

Pros – It was consider that cooked food is to the body opposite the crude poisonous and in part they are right. Cooking is actually degrading nutrients in foods at higher temperatures, leads to destruction of enzymes and vitamins.

Pasteurization reduces the possibility of using amino acids. Frying, grilling or smoking will quickly form carcinogenic and mutagenic substances in long-term storage in the body cause health problems. Introduction to Kyle Leon

Cooking also alter the natural taste of the food, the finishing operations leads to unnecessarily high power consumption of salt, sugar, vinegar and oil with goes hand in hand and weight loss. Weight loss is just a sort of "by-product" overall detoxification of the body after the transition to raw food.

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